Newport News Shipbuilding Apprentice School
& Mixed-Use Development

The end of the year 2013 saw the opening of the Apprentice School mixed-use redevelopment project in the City’s traditional Downtown. The school, established in 1919, will graduate its 10,000th apprentice in early 2014. The new facility replaces a 70-year-old brick building that is a quarter its size and hidden behind the gates of the Shipyard. The project includes an 86,000-square-foot Apprentice School, 197 market-rate apprentice and workforce housing units, 30,416 square feet of retail, a 382-space parking garage and green area, in a campus-like setting on an approximately 6-acre site generally bounded by the Parking Garage at 30th Street on Washington Avenue, 34th Street, Washington Avenue and West Avenue. The project provides a number of valuable benefits for the City and its citizens.

It reinforces the City’s long-standing redevelopment efforts in the Downtown, complementing prior successful collaborative projects including, but not limited to, VSS, Sears, Downtown Engineering Center, Herbert H. Bateman Virginia Advanced Shipbuilding and Carrier Integration Center and Navy Housing project. It strengthens the Shipyard, the City’s largest single-site employer and taxpayer, with the construction of a new, state-of-the-art Apprentice School funded by the Commonwealth through an Advanced Shipbuilding Training Facility Grant Program (Grant), facilitating the Shipyard’s ability to attract and compete for the most qualified, talented students for its Apprentice School program now and into the future. The project leverages the Grant to generate increased tax revenues, add to the vibrancy of the Downtown by providing apprentice and workforce residential opportunities and supporting retail services, and will be a catalyst for positively impacting the value of other publically-owned land in the vicinity and future development phases.